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Our aim is to show you how to keep a safe and healthy work or living environment for you, and to provide a quality and honest services that you. Can rely on as being 100% professional and dependable.

We want you to be absolutely delighted with every job we do.  Therefore, each job comes with our guarantee. What does that mean?  Simply this:

We will leave your carpet and furnishings to their nearest obtainable level of original colour and condition.  If we fail to reach your predetermined expectations, we will return and re-do the job absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!!!!

We stand behind every job 100% because we believe in our service and our ability. I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable while we're a guest in your home.  It's our responsibility to serve you well, and I've staked my name on this guarantee since the early 80,s. We can also supply you with as many references as you requires may it be domestic or commercial customer references that is how sure we are about our standard of workmanship

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The cleaning of carpets and upholstery is the domain of a fully trained cleaning professional.
It amazes us that unqualified persons use inferior chemicals and equipment on a your carpet and or upholstery, that can have an extremely high value .Greenfields have been in the cleaning industry since the early 80ís and we still hear reports of disasters by so called carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists.


So as to ascertain the correct method of the cleaning of your carpets and or upholstery our priority is inspection and testing as modern fabrics may contain several different fibres, which have to be identified. We always explain the method of work and carry out the job to your satisfaction.

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